You've seen it on the TV, you've read it in the books! Now, it's your opportunity to be a real detective.

This isn’t your typical event, this event is something different, something fun and made just for you! Comfortably sitting around table with your team, you'll meet a bunch of the most outlandish and interesting characters you've ever seen.

Young & experienced actors and, members of drama schools will play a murder scene. Motives will pop up - clues will be discovered, and then, a murder will occur! Who committed this terrible crime? That's when the fun really begins. You'll all get to question suspects. You'll all get a chance to solve the crime.





CSI DINNER is a format normally developed during a dinner but adaptable to different situations and contexts, from the classic dinner, to a special lunch or to an aperitif. Organize your event with us and become a detective for one night!

  • A murder
    Someone's dead. The show is on!
  • The crime scene
    has already been sealed off by the police.
  • Investigation
    is under way. You check from every angle...
  • A clue
    Suddenly you see a pill bottle next to the scene...
  • Document it
    If you can't remember it all, take a picture
  • Teamwork
    Is an essential part of the investigation.
  • Interrogate
    the suspects
  • The killer
    Won't reveal himself that easy.
  • Awesome prizes
    Await the team that has the most accurate case.

Do you have a company and want to surprise your employees with a different, unique and original
Imagine seeing everyone divided into teams at different tables, improvising themselves as detectives
and interacting with each other trying to solve the crime.
A fun idea to spend a different evening and test yourself as real detectives.
Only one csi team will be declared the winner, who?
Contact us to receive more details about it! 




Are you looking for an original way to organize your birthday party?
Do you want to surprise your friends with a total different dinner exeperience?
This is sometingh made just for you!
You, your friends, one dinner and one crime to be solved!
Who will be the best CSI Team of the evening?
Contact us to receive more details about it!


Are you on vacation in total relaxation on your boat and looking for something original to spend your time in an original way?
Organize your CSI YACHT DINNER!
The perfect idea to create a perfect atmosphere and surprise your guests with a brilliant dinner.
You will be divided into CSI teams using your skills as a detective to solve the crime.
Who will win the prize as the best CSI team?


Do you have a restaurant or a hotel with a dining room?
Do you think our events will interest and satisfy your audience or your guests?
Imagine your restaurant proposing something innovative and successful for the citizens of your city.
Contact us to receive more details about it, we will be proud to cooperate with you!