09Mar 2018

Hvala vam što postojite!

31Jan 2018

Dear detectives, check out our menus for the first CsiDinner in Zagreb. Form your best team with your friends, choose your delicious menus and join us for the biggest crime dinner in the capital.  You can find all info on our FB page: glokalist play with us!

11Jan 2018

#CsiDinner in the tour, next crime stop Zagreb! We are proud to announce our first event in the capital at The Westin police department! Form your CSI team with your friends or family and book your table now! It’d be a crime to miss this dinner. Follow us on Facebook to be always updated!

30Oct 2017

Hello detectives! Something terrible will happen in Split Thursday 30 November. As always, we will need your support to solve this terrible crime! Form your CSI team with your friends or family and be detective for one night! Stay tuned!

30Apr 2017

Summer is coming .. And we are coming back with a new summer format created in cooperation with Room Escape Split! Impossible Mission – Boat escape adventure An adventure in the middle of the sea, where you have to save yourself and others from a terrible danger , using all your skills to escape alive from the […]